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  1. Lundia Classic shelf
    Lundia Classic shelf
    As low as €772.00
  2. Shelf
    As low as €51.00

Since 1948 Lundia Oy has created furniture that evolves and adapts according to people’s changing lives. Skilled artisans transform Finnish solid wood into products that charm one generation after another. Quality raw materials combined with contemporary design become timeless, modern classics.

Lundia Oy’s products are made to stand the test of time. In contrast to throwaway culture we stand for genuinely sustainable development. Today’s leading designers and decades of experience ensure that our products look beautiful in your home, today and in the future. Lundia is creative by nature. We manufacture all our products in Finland.

Sturdy Finnish solid wood. Timeless design. Lundia Classic is easy to assemble, dismantle, complement and adapt.

Lundia System boxes are a perfect fit not only with each other but also with the Lundia Classic products.

Lundia Fuuga can be coolly minimalist or comfortably cosy – the choice is yours.