Ceiling lamps

Ceiling fixtures cast a pleasant light both upwards and downwards, providing a pleasant and relaxing indirect light. All Lundia lighting fixtures are made by hand in Finland. Lighting is perhaps the most important single component in creating an interior atmosphere.

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  1. Tuike spotlight
    Tuike spotlight
    As low as €329.00
  2. Halo Small
    Halo Small
    As low as €497.00
  3. Halo Large
    Halo Large
    As low as €597.00
  4. Hehku Suspended
    Hehku Suspended
    As low as €273.00
  5. Soihtu Suspended
    Soihtu Suspended
    As low as €437.00
  6. Loiste Suspended
    Loiste Suspended
    As low as €368.00
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